Holmes and The Stolen Stones Slot

Holmes and the Stolen Stones is an online video slot developed by Yggdrasil Gaming software. It is themed around Sherlock Holmes, who is a legendary English investigator, and so the title ‘Stolen Stones’ makes perfect sense now. Your quest into the investigation is set about 20 pay lines and 5 reels which allow you to win some money as you solve the mystery and recover some of the missing diamonds. Bonuses and prizes are some of the in-game incentives which you can earn courtesy of the game symbols. Another one of its impressive factors is that it has a Progressive Jackpot, all the more reason to indulge and test your luck in one of the slots UK unique game presentation.


Holmes and The Stolen Stones Review

It is just another day in the life of Sherlock Holmes considering the mission involves stolen diamonds. They have been stolen and their rightful owner has hired a private investigator with an impressive resume to do the digging because it seems apparent he can solve the mystery even faster than the authorities. These diamonds were stolen from a room with two doors, yet they still remain locked even after the crime. It is at this point where you come in, where the symbols on the Holmes and the Stolen Stones Yggdrasil slot reward your detective skills as you match the clues along the paylines. Catching the thieves, for instance, will earn you plenty of coins.

  • Progressive Jackpot
  • 20 Pay-lines
  • 5 Reels

Quick Facts

Holmes and the Stolen Stones is a Progressive Jackpot slot, and as you know, to find a casino game title with such a comprehensive title/theme means you look far and wide, in mounds of thousands of online video slots. It is particularly so, considering it has a generous payout rate capped at a minimum of 96.8% RTP (Return to Player) ratio, which in casino terms, is a good rate. The slot has a bonus game, and a multiplier, which as you know, is known as the feature responsible for multiplying your earnings.

How To Play and Win On Holmes and The Stolen Stones

Before you flex your detective skills on this online slot machine, you are required to have a nominal amount of money at the very least, because the Holmes and the Stolen Stones is an enticing game that will have you glued to the screen for a while. Set you wager, via the coin value option with the + or – symbols and press the spin button if you haven’t set the autoplay feature on. Players are required to land five matching symbols to earn a payout. Otherwise, landing three or more Bonus symbols activates the bonus game. Five of the same symbols earn 10,000 coins, while five diamond shards of the same colour win the Progressive Jackpot. These five combine, to make one full diamond, a spectacular winner’s spectacle that lights up the screen indicating you have won.

Bonus and Free Spins

Holmes and the Stolen Stones Free Spins are awarded upon landing the Bonus symbols, which in this case is five Keyhole symbols. The pre-requisite is to unlock the bonus game where these Free Spins are contained. In the bonus game, there is a 3x multiplier feature, meaning all wins are multiplied by this factor, thus giving impressive rewards. Avoid picking a crate that contains a smoke bomb, which is known to finish the bonus game, meaning you have to start over again in the base game, thus disregarding all your progress until this point.

Symbols and Paylines

To speed up your efforts in mastering the game features, I advise that you attempt the Holmes and the Stolen Stones trial version as you play free online slots. It comes in handy when making in-game split decisions because of your understanding of the symbols and their payouts. A minimum and maximum of 1 coin per line, and a minimum and maximum coin size of 0.05 and 2 respectively are allowed in each of the 20 paylines. The cars suit, magnifying glass, thieves, and villain symbols pay out 200, 750, 2,000, and 4,000 coins respectively.

Design & Graphics

Although Netent and Microgaming seem to have personalized the best online slots title, Yggdrasil has put in a lot of work to refine the story of Sherlock Holmes and integrate it into a video slot, that is, Holmes and the Stolen Stones. The characters are cartoons in 3D and so is the background, two doors behind the gameplay frame. Ironically the doors are part of the mystery, showing just how well thought out this whole concept is.

Sound & Experience

The Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot has a Victorian soundtrack since the character’s life is documented as having been during the reign of Queen Victoria of England in the 19th century. It accompanies the character in locations such as the alleys of London, where he follows clues to solve the mystery and cement his reputation as the most sought-after detective. Theft is a crime and the thieves symbols against the Holmes symbols, sweeten the overall gaming experience.


This Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot review is a comprehensive summary of what you will find when you play this game, whether as a free trial or for real money. No stone has been left unturned with these few words that are set to guide you in your experience as a detective. Whether it is a shortlived one or not, the Progressive Jackpot is an incentive on its own, bound to keep you playing more often. Yggdrasil gaming has outdone itself on this one, and I would highly recommend any avid gamer to attempt the trial version, if not the real money version, to test their skills.