IGT Slots

IGT online casinos give users such a wide variety of games to choose from, the only difficulty is in choosing which game to play. Of course, it is easy for an experienced gamer to recognize the style options of IGT games and make the most intelligent selection for their gaming preference. Also, a lot of players will choose a game based on theme and background. So, even though there are clearly a lot of ways to choose what game to play, IGT works very hard to let users play good and exciting slots games which guide the player through a rewarding adventure. As one of the world’s largest online slots games developers, the company has grown to understand the importance of game design and has impressed slots reviews with their recent offerings.

Recent History

The company has about 20 offices around the world on 4 different continents. That alone makes IGT one of the world’s largest game developing companies. But, it isn’t just its size that makes the company a leader in the industry, it is is what they do. For example, IGT is releasing 4D slot games like their newest offering, Wheel of Fortune 4D – players actually feel the game happening. On the cutting edge, they recently signed a 10-year contract with the state of California USA, which is alone the worlds 6th largest economy, to delivery the live technology for the state lottery system. These are just a selection of what’s been going on at IGT.

Play IGT Slots

IGT online slots are some of the most widely played and recognizable games that novice and experienced players love to play. They offer 3 reel, 5 reel and 6 reel games with ranging in paylines, themes and soundtracks. There are about 3047 games in their portfolio and they feature anything from licensed themes to classic casino themes. Some games like House of Cards, Jenga and Sex in the City are geared towards pop culture savvy players. For the classic casino gamers, the ultra-classic themes such as Golden Egypt or Double Diamond are pure delight. Regardless of theme, the game structures are solidly formed by including a variety of Bonus Spins, Scatter Bonuses, Wilds, and Scatter Bonus Theme areas.

New Online Slots 2017 From IGT

Online IGT casinos are moving towards mobile in a major way. In fact, they have already arrived. The newest games are definitely ready to be played via an app on any modern mobile device. For example, the new game Goddess of Valhalla is a classic 6 reels game with cool graphics, Wilds and Scatter Bonuses. At the same time, the company brought out Elephant King with 5 lines and 40 paylines. House of Cards, Power and Money is another example of a new game putting the maximum amount of user satisfaction into the gaming experience. Also, while leaving very few games behind, the company has successfully migrated most of their slots games to online play. Keep in mind that the company is old enough to have designed some of the early video slots which were features on casino floors.

  • House of Cards, Power and Money
  • Elephant King
  • Goddess of Valhalla

Technology And Gaming Experience

Casino slot machines have come a long way under the design of IGT. This is why the company is considered one of the few true ‘full-stack’ casino game developers. That means that IGT produces both the hardware and software from casino slots games and delivers them to both real and online casino partners. This is the key to the 4D casino games because they can allow users to feel the games with seat movement, smells, and other haptic triggers. Its all really cool, and even cooler that IGT continues to put the energy into developing new online slots games for users to play and enjoy.

An IGT slot game is definitely likely to be featured as a premier game on any online casino page because many of them are highly recognizable. For example, Double Diamond is perhaps the most recognizable slots game in modern history. The brand brings instant credibility and gamers become instantly more comfortable in the technology of the gaming platform. Another reputation builder is the graphics which IGT put into their games. The company employs such a clever and wide variety of graphical styles that games feel completely unique and unmistakably authentic.

Recommended Slot Machines

IGT probably has the best casino slots online portfolio when considering it features over 3000 games. There are obviously a few gems though. Double Diamond has already been mentioned but deserves to be mentioned again due to its fame and incredibly pure gaming experience. Any of the 22 licensed slots is also worth checking out. Avatar, Jeopardy, Jurassic Park and Ghostbusters are just a few examples of these which make for fun slots gaming. The Big Dragon Lounge and 100 Pandas also give incredibly effective gaming experiences. In general, there is no way to really choose the best slots games from IGT because they have so many good games.


Without IGT slots online, the online casino business would not have nearly the amount of credibility and success it experiences. The company has had incredible influence on the IT advancements which took casino games from casino floors to mobile gaming devices around the world. Once they understood how to make mobile gaming happen, the company is so large that they are able to produce a gaming portfolio which makes some other game developers look like start-ups. All of their success has been built on really solid game design with WIlds, Bonus Spins, paylines, Scatter Bonus Free Spins with Winnings Multipliers and Scatter Bonus Areas.