Mega Joker Slot Review

Mega Joker online slot machine is the online version of a classic fruit machine from Norway called Super Joker. With Mega Joker, NetEnt has cloned the features of the original machine with the addition of an accumulating local jackpot, which is specific to the online casino you are playing the game in.


Mega Joker Slot Review

Mega Joker is one of the best online slots for people who prefer the fruit machine format to more flashy, gimmicky slots with heavy themes. If you are someone who enjoys fruit machines in pubs and other physical locations, it makes for a great introduction to the capabilities of online slot machines and is easy to understand and learn.

Quick Facts

Mega Joker is a slots UK game with a dual row format, with each row having three reels. It has an accumulating jackpot, which is local to your online casino and awarded at random (when playing for real money), as long as you have bets on all five pay lines. Mega Joker can be played on PC or Mac, and there is also a version for mobile devices, however, this is slightly different in terms of design than the desktop version.

How To Play And Win On Mega Joker

When you start playing Mega Joker, you use the bottom reel set. As you win on this, it fills up the Supermeter, which you can either cash out or use to access the top reel set. There isn’t a scenario with this game where you play on the top reels without first winning on the bottom. In the classic fruit machine format, you win by matching rows of fruits, which make up five different lines. There is also the Joker himself, who serves as a wild. Wilds are stacked in this game, and this is where some of the biggest payouts can be gained.

Bonus And Free Spins

One of the best bonus features on the Mega Joker slot is the Mystery Joker. This is one of the features accessed once you have used the Supermeter to allow you to play with the top reel. The Joker symbol above the second reel becomes highlighted, and getting a Joker to land in this position on your spin will grant a big bonus. You can get Mega Joker free spins in a number of different scenarios, mostly when the top reel is in play.

Symbols And Pay Lines

This game has a total of 40 possible pay lines, though you bet mainly on the five-fruit themed pay lines shown to the left and right of both reels. The symbols include watermelon, banana, lemon and cherry on the bottom reel, where the top reel adds additional symbols including 7’s, oranges, and grapes. Both reels also have the Joker face, which is the unique theme for this slot compared with others that use the fruit machine design.

Design & Graphics

The graphics on the Mega Joker slots game will appeal to fans of classic fruit machines, as there is very little difference visually between the interface NetEnt have provided here and the machines you can still find in a lot of places. The transitions in the animation are smooth and it is clear when different slot elements are active, so while the design brings little innovation to the table, it is attractive and easy to use.

Sound & Experience

When it comes to the sound, this game sticks with its classic fruit machine theme with lively sounds on events and solid sound indicators when you have won or unlocked something. The user experience is in general great, whether you are on a mobile device with a touch screen or on a PC or Mac. Placing bets is simple and doesn’t take you out of the flow of the game, and there is enough variety to keep you interested for a decent play session, despite the basic fruit machine format.


Whether you like to play slots and fruit machines for money or just want to play free slots online for fun, there are some strong reasons to recommend Mega Joker. It has a simple set of gameplay mechanics that new players should be able to get used to fast, a good local jackpot that ranges from £2,000 to £50,000, and some interesting bonus features that make it more exciting and varied than many classic fruit machine-inspired video slots. This is a solid, well-designed slots game that should appeal to fruit machine fans and beginner video slot players alike.