NextGen Slots

Based in Sydney, Australia, NextGen online casinos feature high-quality slots games with the goal of attracting, entertaining and retaining new and experienced slots players. As a subsidiary of a much larger gaming company, NextGen focuses solely on slot style games. This means that their games often offer a very high attention to graphical, soundtrack and game structure details. They will usually feature a modern style of 5 reels with 5-50 lines of winning. The games may also include Free Spin Bonuses, Wild icons, Scatter Bonuses, and Winnings Multipliers. Games such as Justice League, Batman, James Dean, and Universal’s Psycho games are licensed products because they are based on famous movie plots and other famous pieces of pop culture. Other games have gained notoriety on their own; such as the slot gamer’s favourite, Irish Eyes and Irish Eyes 2.

Recent History

Slot games themselves haven’t changed a lot since 1999, the year NextGen was founded. However, the delivery methods and quality of graphics have changed dramatically over the same period of time. Since its conception, NextGen has focused on a certain style of game which has served them very well. In upgrading their content quality and adapting to mobile devices, the company has experienced some business level restructuring. It is now owned by a very large gaming company who has the capital to ensure that online players are getting the high-quality technical support required for online gaming on modern devices.


Play NextGen Slots

NextGen online slots are some of the most playful and colourful slots around and meet industry standard winnings percentages and RTP’s (Return to Player). If you compare some of NextGen’s games to the most popular slots games online, you will find that NextGen offers the same RTP but with an occasionally higher jackpot. So, when players spin the glossy, happy, and abstract wheels of this company, they are getting every chance at winning. Player’s looking for a light-hearted adventure style theme will be very pleased with the Nextgen selection. Another common feature of their games is the simple user-face and involved reel style. There is a level of usability which lets players enjoy the experience.

New Online Slots 2017 From NextGen

NextGen casinos are welcoming a new line of themed games to their sites in 2017. Most recently, the ‘Shangri La’ adventure-themed game featuring mystic White Tigers, Lotus Flowers, Rhinos was released to the gaming public. The 5 reels and 15 Paylines offer Wild icons for a WInnings Multiplier and a Golden Vase Scatter symbol for Free Spins. The background is a very serene and peaceful waterfall scene. The company is also very proud to promote its new game called Golden Mane. This golden horse themed game is a glossy stand-alone game which features a Golden Horse Wild bonus for increased winnings. During any set of Bonus Spins, the Wild Bonus will remain in the place it landed until the final Bonus Spin.

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Technology And Gaming Experience

Casino slot machines have been upgraded incredibly over the past 50 years. Today, the industry is releasing only digital products and companies like NextGen are discovering that content is very important to success in the industry. At one point in time, all games were essentially the same rules with different pictures. Now, games have different rules, winnings processes, even different games embedded inside the slot game’s bonus section. Wilds and Scatter bonuses have become more common. This is partly because the minimum bet sizes are down to a penny, but also because users are looking to win in ways other than just hitting the jackpot.

A NextGen slot game is not going to feature the Million Punds jackpot which lures novice gamers. Instead, the game will have a stream of Wild and Scatter bonuses which will reward the consistent player. This will generally allow for more spins per player deposit and better gaming experience. This will also make for good winnings if a certain order of spins occurs. Winnings Multipliers and compound Bonus Spins allows for players to auto spin their way to big winnings without ever having to adjust the bet level.

Recommended Slot Machines

Players should look for games like ‘Wild Run’ and ‘Golden Mane’ because they have very strong Wild Bonuses. Also, there a few good reasons to check out ‘Irish Eyes 2’ with built-in improvements on the first version for better winnings and a better experience. With no shortage of new games from NextGen, any gamer should also take a look at the new ‘Wild Play SuperBet’ game featuring 40 Paylines of super-glossy, classic reel play. Overall, the best casino slots online are the ones that make a player smile and reward the player’s consistency. For that, NextGen games are priced and structured as good as any of the competition.


NextGen slots online offer a unique and entirely authentic slots gaming experience to online casino players. For the players who prefer these slots, the company represents a classic gaming style in a completely modern gaming environment. The company structures their games well and provides high-quality, yet simple, gaming solutions for progressive winning experiences. New games from NextGen are hitting the marks for RTP and game structure so the future is almost as bright as the glossy icons that they feature. In general, this Australian company has done well to meet the technological needs of the industry while keeping to it’s simple and stylized principles of slots gaming.