Life is too hectic and competitive these days. Everybody, at some point, wants to escape their ordinary lives. Fairy tales, nature, sport, sci-fi, adventure, history, movies – whether you are playing the favourites of every gambler or a slot game that you love, slots offer a chance for escape. Online slots offer themes that promise exciting things and changing fortunes.

Apart from regular themes, top gaming software providers also release new games for special occasions such as major sporting events. Whatever theme takes your fancy, with slot games, you simply have to dream big. With bonus features, free spins and awesome progressive jackpot games, casino games are not just a wonderful escape from reality and stress, but a chance to change your life from ordinary to spectacular.

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What Is A Slot Machine?

Each casino has an abundance of slot machines and games available to you if you sign up with them. Land-based casinos installed these machines so that players could bet on them. Slot machines have become massively popular at both land-based and online casinos, bringing in a huge percentage of gaming profits each year. The technology of these slot machines has changed from pulling an arm on the side of the machine to get the reels spinning to being computer-controlled machines. Winning is determined by lining up a combination of similar symbols depending on the slot machine themes. Today online slot machines are found online which means you can access them whenever you like.

Principles Of Slot Games

Casino games each have their own basic principles and strategies. A typical basic slot machine principle is to check out the slot machines with the highest payout percentage. Once you have selected your slot machine, another basic slot machine principle is to play the maximum bet, particularly if you’re playing to win and not just for relaxing entertainment. The strategy of slot machine developers is that playing the minimum bets isn’t going to have you winning a jackpot. Go for those slots with less reels and less symbols as the odds of lining up lesser symbols is larger. These basic principles with movie themed slots as well as other games will help you towards your quest of hitting the jackpot.

  • Game developers think up enthralling themes to keep players riveted
  • Huge choice of slots that suit tastes of every player
  • Cleopatra Slots are loved by people intrigued by Egypt mystery
  • Themed slots come packed with bonus games
  • Many exciting slots games have a movie theme

Slots Symbols Explained

With technology ever advancing, theme ideas are too and now you can take your pick from 3D and regular slots. What separates one slot game from the next are the symbols. With so many different themes of casino slots, the symbols of these themed slots represent the everything about the theme and the symbols will each have their own payout value too. Marine themed slots such as Lucky Mermaid has symbols like an anchor, treasure chests, crabs, shells, starfish, an octopus and dolphins. The graphics behind the reels are all about the sea and you also get special sound effects such as waves breaking onto the shore. In this marine-themed slot, 5 Mermaid symbols will give you a payout of 2 500 coins.

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Most Popular Slot Themes

That’s the beauty about playing slot games online – you’re free to be yourself and choose games that appeal essentially to you. People choose slot themes according to their interests and those interested in nature and animals are drawn to slots such as The Wild Life, Wild Orient and Jurassic World, while people who loved certain movies will be attracted to the Marvel slots perhaps with their awesome graphics and sound effects as well as movie clip videos. There is no shortage of real slot machine apps for iPhone which ensure that themed slots come specifically designed for iOS devices, featuring HD graphics which give you a like-Vegas gambling experience.

Land-Based Slot Machines Vs Online Slots

Land-based slot machines are magically exciting, but of course, there are many people who can never get to the few- and far between land-based casinos that exist. To solve the problem, mobile slots have emerged, providing players with the wonderful opportunity of playing slot games online around the clock at registered online casinos. Slots for Android are crystal clear and users can enjoy similar thrills and excitement by having a miniature casino in the palm of their hands. When it comes to deciding on land-based slot machines vs online slots, they each serve a unique purpose, so that one way or the other, you experience all the thrills and anticipation that only slot machines can provide.