Wild Toro Slot

There are several slots that UK players get to indulge in since a good number of casinos and games have been made available to players in the United Kingdom. However, the question is how many provide as much fun and laughs as Wild Toro with its hilarious character expressions and colourful animations? In this game, you are cast into the heart of the centuries-old war between bulls and matadors with Toro, the proud bull as the main character and the sly looking Matador, Diaz Jr., as the antagonist. Don’t worry, you won’t have to fight anyone, but you will have to spin the reels and hope that Toro gets to have at the Matador in the walking wilds feature where his rampage does not stop until his foe is no longer on the reels, earning you a massive payday!


Wild Toro Review

When you choose to play an Elk Studios slot, you do so knowing that you should expect no less than a story to keep you enthralled. This is the case in their releases like Taco Brothers and Poltava which are as fun as they are in depth. This Wild Toro Elk Studios story is that Toro and Diaz the matador (son of Captain Diaz of Elk’s Taco Brothers) used to be great friends back in the day, entertaining fans with their theatrics until Diaz decided to betray the good-looking Toro. This is the reason why whenever Diaz appears on the reels, Toro can’t help but go on a seething rage-fueled rampage.

  • A Cool Storyline
  • Amazing Graphics and Soundtrack
  • Humongous Wins

Quick Facts

The Wild Toro production is a slot with 5 reels and whopping 178 ways to win. This means that to win you only need to have symbols fall adjacent to each other on the reels. It is also a game in which you shall be able to place as little as a 20p bet to as big a bet as 100 Pounds. This effectively makes it a game that conservative players, as well as High Rollers, may enjoy. The game is a high variance offering with an RTP (Return To Player) value of 96.4%.

How to play and win on Wild Toro

An Online slot machine, like Wild Toro, doesn’t require too much know-how as it has been developed to be easy for you, as the user, to play. The design is minimalistic so all the controls are simply at arm’s length. You first set your wager by clicking the wager icon floating to the left and then choose your bet amount per spin along with the strategy you would like to use. There are 4 strategies: Optimizer which alters your bet amounts depending on a percentage of your balance that you shall set, Leveller which raises bet 2 levels after 5 consecutive losses, Booster which raises level by 1 after a loss until it hits the fourth level and Jumper which raises bet level by 1 after every win up to 4 levels or until you get a loss.

Bonus and Free Spins

The game has three bonus rounds awarding you Wild Toro free spins. First is the Toro Walking Wild feature which happens when Toro appears on reel 5 and moves to reel one awarding you a free spin with each of his steps. There is then the Toro Goes Wild feature in which a Matador lands on the reels during the Toro Walking Wild feature making Toro attack them in a frenzy leaving wilds for the next re-spins. Thereafter, Toro returns to his normal self. Finally, you have the Matador Respins Challenge where three Toro Symbols appear in the middle reels in one spin and remain sticky for three free spins.

Symbols and paylines

When you play free online slots, there are a select batch of symbols you would expect to encounter (those borrowed from a deck of cards). This game, however, has a cool selection of symbols that stands miles above the usual selection of symbols. They include a gorgeous red rose with a golden sash wrapped around it, an orange with a dagger through it, a purple ornate fan, and three different coins: a bronze, a silver and a golden coin. The games wild is the Games Logo and other special symbols include The Toro icon and the Matador icon.

Design & Graphics

Wild Toro might just be on the list of the best online slots just because of how well it has been designed. The game has a gorgeous assortment of symbols that defy the norm and is minimalist in design. This ensures that the brilliant melange of colours is not an eyesore. The games reels roll over a birds-eye view of what seems to be a small town and the animations when the special icons come to live are simply hilarious.

Sound & Experience

Wild Toro slot has a soundtrack that is able to both keep you at ease and have you gearing to go at the same time. It sounds like shakers playing a rhythm of sorts and there are the trumpets and ringing bells when you win big. Small wins produce the sound you would expect when you see a sheen and as the reels roll, there is an arpeggio playing simultaneously. The game is all in all an enjoyable experience.


To bring this Wild Toro slot review to an end, here is a summary: The game’s colours are simply spectacular and their fury act as a constant reminder that you are indeed playing a Latin-themed slot game. The symbols are also in sync with the game’s theme and are well designed at that. The game’s soundtrack is also splendid and does not distract you while you play but keeps your tempo up when you’ve been playing for several hours on end. The wins are widely spaced but are large when they do come through. There is also a 200 coin jackpot on offer so you only have more reasons to play.