Wizard of Oz Slot Review

Wizard of Oz WMS slot is a fairly old slot game that has remained popular to the point of being considered a classic. Based on the movie of the same name, the theme of the game involves Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Lion, and all of the other beloved characters associated with the Emerald City. It is one of the most successful video slots WMS have produced.


Wizard of Oz Slot Review

The Wizard of Oz slot has retained its popularity as an online slot machine due to its fun, varied gameplay and the fact it is relatively uncomplicated and easy to play. It is a slot game you can find in the vast majority of online casinos for the UK market and offers appealing payouts and bonuses. Whether you are a big fan of Oz or simply want a game that has proven itself in terms of quality and fun, this is a good slot to try – even for beginners.

Quick Facts

The betting range for Wizard of Oz is from 1p to £150, and there are 30 winning lines you can select, as well as a quick bet facility that lets you bet on all lines quickly. The game is regarded as fairly generous in terms of payouts, and yet the maximum payout is still a high 10,000 coins. Wizard of Oz has a five-reel, three-row format and also features special symbols and bonuses that cause interesting effects, such as the Good With symbol, which can make one or more reels fully wild.

How To Play And Win On Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz slot game can be played on a computer or mobile device with Flash running on it, so it is up to you whether to play at home or on the go. You play the game by selecting your bet and spinning the reels. When a winning line comes up, your winnings go into your pool of money, however, you may also be able to play for bonuses and jackpots if the symbols that trigger these events are shown. Gameplay is fairly standard for video slots and shouldn’t overwhelm new players with unusual features – everything is fairly intuitive, even when rarer events are launched.

Bonus And Free Spins

When you get the Feature symbol in your spin on the normal reel interface, the Oz Pick feature is launched. Here you get to choose whether to enter a Winged Monkey round, which is a Wizard of Oz free spins round, to play the high prize Road to Emerald City side game, or to simply take a cash prize. The cash prize is the choice most beginners go for as it is safe, but there can be great rewards for trying the other options, once you have found your feet with the slot.

Symbols And Paylines

There are small payouts for minor elements from the movie, such as Dorothy’s red shoes, the wicked witch, or the tornado, but the significant payouts come when you get 3, 4 or 5 of either Dorothy, her three main companions or, of course, the Jackpot symbol. The logo of the game is wild, but it will not substitute for the Feature or Bonus symbols.

Design & Graphics

The design of this game will certainly appeal to people who love the Wizard of Oz, as the symbols are good representations of Judy Garland’s Dorothy, as well as the other characters. The inclusion of some minor elements from the film will also be a nice touch for fans. For those who are not avid fans of The Wizard of Oz itself, however, this is still a nicely designed slots UK game with an easy to use interface and appealing graphics.

Sound & Experience

The sound and overall user experience with the Wizard of Oz is polished, and probably one of the reasons this game has held its own, even when newer games have entered the market. The sound is fun and gives a good response to a win, but doesn’t distract you from playing. The experience is easy to follow and good fun whether you play free slots online or for real money, and whether you are using a touchscreen or mouse.


All in all, the Wizard of Oz is a solid slot game which, despite having been around for a while, still has plenty to offer casual players and more serious cash slots fans alike. With its charming film tie-in interface, interesting features and bonuses, and generous payouts, this can be one of the best slots online if you are new to slots, but also an enjoyable experience for slot veterans.